“Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats”

A new blog post a new quote. This time from the american detective novell author Sue Grafton (1941-).

Barium is expanding and we have started a new office in Oslo and last week I did spend some time there. We had a few meetings with some potential partners in the Norwegian market and all meetings were successful and the companies saw great benefits and values in our cloud solution Barium Live.

One of the potential partners (soon existing partner) said that this was something that they had been looking for for a very long time. They have been involved in a number of strategic projects, balanced scorecard projects, lean projects and so on and there is always one common challenge when the structure/model/framework is delivered – How do we make sure that the organization will execute in accordance with this – It looks like you at Barium have found the answer.

So if you want to discuss how you will make sure that you execute on your ideas, give us at Barium a call!



Heartbleed, not on Barium Live

In the last couple of days, chances are that you may have read about a serious bug found in the cryptographic software library OpenSSL called “Heartbleed”. This bug has made it possible to steal information which is normally protected by SSL/TLS used to secure the Internet. The same security protocols are widely used when you access your banks web site, web mail or corporate Virtual Private Networks (VPN).


Barium Live is not affected by this bug since we do not use any of the OpenSSL versions that has this vulnerability.

However, many of the Web Services that we all love have been found to be affected. The general recommendation is to change all passwords on sites like Facebook, Yahoo and more. If you use the same password on any of these sites and on Barium Live we do recommend that you change your password on Barium Live as well, just to be sure.

Read about the full details of the “Heartbleed” bug on heartbleed.com.

Jonathan Franze
Product Manager

Barium goes Norway!

Today we open our third office and at the same time our first outside of Sweden, this time in Oslo on Dronning Eufemias gate 16 Bjørvika.

We have for a long time been working internationally but until now only with Sweden as a base. With this new location we will get stronger collaboration with customers and partners in the Norwegian market. The new office will primarily focus on developing and expanding partnerships and sales of Barium Live, but also with training and services in business process management (BPM).


Not ready to make nice*

“We are Barium” – this humble statement was heard two weeks ago at the Gartner BPM Summit in London. Barium was there as one of four main sponsors and our own Håkan Strömbeck made a fantastic 60 seconds speech about Barium and our strengths.

Simple and powerful. This was also the first time we officially previewed our new modeling tool and it’s new look and feel. Lots of people were there to experience it’s gorgeous interface and it’s ease of use. So now, all we have to do is look forward to the official release party at the Barium Business Live event in Gothenburg, on May 22nd.

One thing that is clear to us after two days in London is that the larger vendors are starting to be shaken up by the competition from us who were born in the cloud and are driven by the business.

We are Barium and we are not ready to make nice. We are Barium and we are not ready to back down.

* “Not ready to make nice” – Song by Dixie Chicks, 2006

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”

The statement above was made by the American poet Maya Angelou (1928- ).

In the article, Digitaliseringen leder till förändrade krav på leverantörer (Digitalization leads to changing demands on suppliers), in the Swedish paper IDG (2014-03-20) the writer is referring to a Gartner report that states that 70% of CIOs will change their IT and sourcing relations in the next coming 2-3 years.

Furthermore the Gartner Report says that suppliers must change their way of doing things, and help their clients do the same. Tomorrow’s service will be based on scalability and industrialized distribution models and services that are used to drive very specific business goals.

Hybrid IT environments will dominate the architecture in the coming years and therefore it becomes more important to have knowledge of both traditional solutions and models, and of new ones.

Buyers want speed and flexibility and cloud delivery will become the dominant method for this.

We at Barium are:

  • New in our way of thinking
  • We are cloud, we were born there
  • We have speed and we are flexible – Agile in another word

We are the vendor of tomorrow (and today as well)

En fyrkantig kloss i ett runt hål – PUST

Under den senaste tiden har Polisens problem med sitt nya system PUST Siebel varit på tapeten i princip alla typer av media. I en artikel i IDG 2014-02-20 belyses problemen med PUST Siebel, dessutom berör artikeln även den tidigare lösningen PUST Java.

Ett av de stora problemen med PUST Siebel har varit att man tagit en standardlösning (CRM) som ursprungligen är designad för ett helt annat ändamål – dvs. man har försökt stoppa ned en fyrkantig kloss i ett runt hål, vilket vi alla vet inte är det lättaste.

Artikelförfattarna framhåller fördelarna med PUST Java, som var ett helt skräddarsytt stöd. En sådan lösning möter naturligtvis behoven, men det är ett ganska arbetsamt och i slutet kostsamt och konsultberoende sätt att skapa ett system på. För att fortsätta jämförelserna kan man säga att man först betraktar hålet därefter tar fram material och verktyg för att skapa en kloss som passar hålet. Frågan är; vad händer om vi förändrar hålet i ett senare skede?

Ponera att man istället har en mjuk kloss som man med några lätta handgrepp kan anpassa till hålet – per idag och per imorgon. Det är vad vi på Barium tillhandahåller – en plattform som skapar applikationer baserade på kundens processer och behov och som över tid enkelt kan förändras i takt med verksamheten.

Så ta steget från PUST (Polisens UtredningsSysTem) till PAUS (Polisens Agila UtredningsStöd)

“Giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness.”

Todays quote is picked up from the English author Malcolm Gladwell, (1963-).

The Swedish daily business newspaper, IDG, had an article the other week where they said that the major vendors are loosing impact as well as presence among CIOs.

IDG was referring to a Gartner report.  One of the more notable findings in that report is the fact that 70 % (out of 2399) of CIOs want to change the relationship with their suppliers within two or three years. According to the article approximately 50% of the companies will be working with new types of partners, in areas such as mobility, cloud, digital delivery, big data, business intelligence and social media.

New small vendors will increase in importance on behalf of the giants.

Barium is a small innovative, cloud-based vendor with mobile capabilities so if you want to work with a company for the future give us a call. If you by any chance will be in London March 19-20 and visit the Gartner BPM Summit you will meet us in person.

Enter sandman*


“- I would like to sleep at night”, a statement said in a meeting a couple weeks ago.

Who wouldn’t like to sleep at night, knowing that your business is doing exactly the right things, in the right order, at right time enforcing the right processes to be executed and followed?

This is exactly what we do for our 100+ clients today, we actually make sure that your business complies with the processes you defined that you should implement and follow. We make sure that you also can see who made what decision based on what information at anytime and for as long as you like to.

So do you think this will help you sleep better? Perhaps, but some of you have also problems sleeping because you know that this will take time and cost a smaller fortune.

We take care of this for you both day and night, we have a model for delivery that make you be able to actually see value from the process application in less than 3 months from the day you decided to start the project. The most of our clients gets Time To Value within months, and the Return of Investments are quarters not years.

So we know that using Barium Live! for your business processes will make YOU sleep better at night.

*“Enter sandman” – Song by Metallica on the Metallica album (1991)

Barium Live! updated to 2014.1

This year has barely begun and we have already updated Barium Live! with brand new and improved features in the 2014.1 release.

This time we bring some brand new social features aimed at increasing and simplifying communication and collaboration for those performing tasks in process apps. Barium Live! has also received updates to increase stability and scalability to handle the ever growing usage of  the service. We have also replaced our Wiki with a brand new Help Center.

As usual, the Release Notes (linked below) give a detailed description of the content of the 2014.1 release. Below are the highlights.

Instance Comments

Instance Comments is a brand new feature that can be activated for participants in a process application and allows them to have a threaded discussion in it.

Discussion in a process instance

A comment can be posted to the instance, on a specific form or even on a file in the content folder. Other participants can read and reply to the comment and have a discussion. It is possible to mention people using the @-sign and writing the persons name in the comment text. New comments, replies and mentions are indicated in the interface, lists and notified via email.

We also added an exciting feature allowing you to mention a process role. Very useful if you want a specific person to read the comment but are unsure of who it is. Or perhaps the process role is yet to be set. In that case the comment will show up for the person as soon as (s)he receives a task.

Mention People and Roles

Comments can greatly improve the way people collaborate. Instead of asking questions and having discussions in long, non-transparent email conversations on the side, the conversation can be held in the same place where work is being carried out, the process.

The new Barium Live! Help Center

Our good old Wiki has also been retired and replaced by our brand new and improved Barium Live! Help Center that will greatly improve our ability to support all our users. This is of course the first version of our new help center and we will continue to improve it. All articles have been transferred and new articles will be added continuously.

Barium Live! Help Center

Additional Improvements

  • Local time is finally supported throughout the Barium Live! interface, showing time in the users local time instead of CET. However, time is presented in UTC in the API and when exporting lists to Excel.
  • It’s now possible to delete multiple instances at one time instead of having to tediously click on one instance followed by the delete button every time.
  • Sending email from a process app has been improved allowing you to configure processes to send a message to everyone who participated in an instance or to semi-colon separated list of email addresses.

As usual we have squashed bugs and fixed anomalies.

For the full detailed description of everything that is included in 2014.1, read all about it in the Release Notes.

Drop any comments in this blog post or why not give us some feedback in the brand new Barium Live! Help Center?

All the best!
Jonathan Franze

”Most people, including myself, keep repeating the same mistakes”

The Canadian actor and writer William Shatner (1931-) said that at some point.

This time of the year I would say that most companies, or at least a department in most companies, are repeating the same mistakes. I am talking about the Finance Department and The Annual Report.

No I don’t mean you shouldn’t do the report. The report as such has a lot of value and is also an important tool for control and transparency besides the legal requirements.

The mistake or mistakes are more related to the way the work is done.The process as such is a challenge with all different roles involved, decision points, number of versions that are “flying” around. There is a dependency between tasks that needs to be done and that dependency is not managed by the General Ledger nor by the Financial Consolidation tool or the BI reporting capabilities. On top of that there are Flash reports that should be produced and posted to the CXO’s and board members at an early stage. The final report needs to be signed of by the CFO, the CEO and by the Board as well as the Auditors. Only that part could be a very cumbersome process. And the CSR part has been added as separate reports or as notes to the Financial Statement which increase the complexity even more.

Well there is a way to get fully process control with overview, transparency, escalation mechanism and a lot of other very good things in place that will add quality and shorten lead-time.

So Miss/Mrs/Mr CFO if you don’t want to repeat the same process and mistakes again next year or even next quarter give us at Barium a call.