2016.1 – First upgrade of the year

Barium Live has received its first upgrade of the year in version 2016.1, an upgrade that introduces a couple of brand new features for automating tasks in process applications and Single Sign-on capabilities.

Script Tasks
For the first time it is possible to use Script Tasks in process applications. Script Tasks can be used to automate certain steps in the process using Script Components that are available to drag-and-drop onto Script Tasks. The first script component is now available and can be configured to automatically set information in fields in a form in several ways.

A great addition to creating smart applications that reduce and remove manual waste.


Support for SAML 2.0 corporate authentication
Authentication, Single Sign-on and automatic user synchronization are important features for customers who wish to automate user management, simplify end user experience and secure access to information on Barium Live. We can now offer customers the possibility to integrate Identity Providers (IDPs) that support the authentication standard SAML 2.0.

The Barium Live SAML 2.0 integration offers many configuration options that can simplify use of Barium Live for end users and administrators.

Corporate Login

Move form to folder
This new setting allows you to configure an applications forms so that they are placed in a specific folder for an instance in run-time. It can be used for new forms or to move forms mid-process and makes it possible to create and organize a folder structure that is the same for each instance. A useful configuration for applications that tend to have a lot of forms, files and data where a structure is perhaps useful or even necessary.

Move Form to Folder

The complete details of the content of the upgrade can be read in the 2016.1 Change Log found in the Barium Live Help Center. Any questions regarding the upgrade are welcome, post them here or contact us directly.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

2016 – The year to get things done


A year is now history. It is to late to do whatever was planned to be done, at least during 2015.

Will the world be different just because it is a new year? Will we suddenly start to do things in new ways just because it is 2016 instead of 2015? Is this the year when you get things done?

A new beginning will at least encourage us to summarise what we have done during the year, set new goals and focus our forces to decide whatever we should do for this new year. So with that in mind I just want to share some of Barium highlights from 2015.

  • During 2015 Barium, besides strengthen our presence on our existing clients, we started to work with over 30 new companies. (That gives us at least 30 companies that has started to get their things done in new ways!)
  • We got more international by adding our first client in Romania along with some new customers in UK as well as the Netherlands.
  • We released a number of new versions of Barium Live with new interesting and useful improvements and features.
  • We arranged the second edition of Business Live, this time at Musikaliska in Stockholm with more than 250 people present.
  • And last but not least we also had a lot of fun.

And now?
In 2016 we will try to do more of everything, and most important is to make our clients gain more benefits by getting their things done with the help of Barium Live.

This years Business Live will be held on Nalen (www.businesslive.nu) in Stockholm April 12, a good opportunity to get some understanding about business processes and inspiration what other companies are doing. Register today!

2016 is maybe the year to get things done more then ever before.

Microsoft ends support for older versions of Internet Explorer


Today marks the end of support by Microsoft for older versions of Internet Explorer.

From this day only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates.

What does this mean?
Microsoft is ending support for older versions of Internet Explorer, something that they have communicated earlier and which comes into effect today. They will now only support the following web browsers in the following Windows Desktop operating systems.

Windows Vista SP2 Internet Explorer 9
Windows 7 SP1 Internet Explorer 11
Windows 8.1 Update Internet Explorer 11

Note: For the complete list of Microsoft-supported web browsers, visit the 2nd link below

You should check to see which operating system and which version of Internet Explorer you use. If you are using a version stated in the table above you do not need to take any action. If not, make sure to update your browser. Microsoft gives more information on how to do this in the link below.

How will this affect using Barium Live?
We monitor which browsers our customers use and adapt our ways of working to keep pace. As the web browsers continue to evolve, so do our customers preferences and our efforts to ensure compliance with the browsers used on Barium Live.

Barium Live will also stop supporting older versions of Internet Explorer

The Barium Live System Requirements describe which web browsers that are supported and that we actively work to ensure compliance with. We will update these requirements on the 1st of March 2016 and from that day we will no longer officially support any other versions of Internet Explorer than those supported by Microsoft. We do not plan to block usage of unsupported web browsers at this time but we strongly recommend that you only use supported web browsers on Barium Live and on the Internet in general.

We work hard to ensure that our customers can use Barium Live in their web browser of choice and that Barium Live works in a secure, user-friendly and optimal way. In everything that we do we ensure that we support as many web browsers as possible. We develop, test and quality assure that Barium Live works properly in a wide variety of web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, different Internet Explorer version, Microsoft Edge and more.

Below is a chart showing which web browsers are used on Barium Live the last 10 days. Internet Explorer 8 consists of 0,5%, no-one used Internet Explorer 7.

Web Browser statistics on Barium Live for 10 days

To read more about the end of support for Internet Explorer, visit the links below.

  1. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/WindowsForBusiness/End-of-IE-support
  2. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle#gp/Microsoft-Internet-Explorer

Don’t hesitate to contact me or our Barium Live customer support team if you have any questions.

Safe surfing!
Jonathan Franze

Barium Live 2015.7


Barium Live has been upgraded to version 2015.7, bringing great improvements to BPMN 2.0 process applications and over all performance.

Role mapper

A Rolemapper is configurable setting that can be created and set on roles in process applications allowing Barium Live to automatically assign a person or group to a role based on information in a form. For BPMN 2.0 processes you can now see all rolemappers and drag-and-drop them onto roles directly when deploying a process to an application.


Resize symbols

A great enhancement to creating process models is the ability to resize several tasks to the same size. You can select several tasks and choose to resize them to fit the largest of all of the selected tasks or the smallest. Each task will be given the same size to make your process model look great. This also works for Block Symbols.


Sub instance settings

There are new Sub Instance settings available on Sub process activities as well as Call Activities. Sub instance name lets you decide the naming convention for each sub instance that is created in a BPMN 2.0 process application. Create sub folder is a setting that creates a separate folder for the sub instance and all of its forms and files. These settings give you more control over how and where you want sub instance information to be set and seen.


Other improvements

We’ve added improvements in for BPMN 2.0 modeler as well as performance improvements and bug fixes. All the details are available in the 2015.7 upgrade change log.

Jonathan Franze
Product Manager – Barium Live

4 key findings from Gartner Symposium/ITxpo


Last week Barium visited the yearly Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona. An event for CIO’s and senior people within IT. During these 5 days a huge number of seminars, round tables and discussions took place together with an expo where over 130 different IT vendors were represented, and one of them was Barium.

Here is a brief summary of our version of the main topics for this years event.

1. Digital:  A main area today and a main area tomorrow, and probably still a main area a few years from now. Companies have reached the point were the digital impact of their service or product agenda is included from the start and the digitalisation is soon included in all kinds of businesses.

2. Mode 2 in Bimodal: When the concept bimodal was introduced, about 18 months ago, it pointed out the need of creating two different capabilities within IT.
Mode 1 – the marathon runner – primarily focusing on stability and cost of transaction, often connected with long implementations project. This mode has been known for IT departments for decades.
Mode 2 – the sprinter – focuses on agility, fast ROI, good enough solutions and end users. Gartner pointed out that in general companies needs to improve their capabilities in the Mode 2 space and that it is in this area the short term competitive advantages will be created.

3. Business Algorithms: This phrase was heard frequently during the conference. By taking advantage of Big Data, Internet of Things etc. Gartner foresee a future where syntaxes and algorithms in a high degree will be used to interpret data, do predictions and automate actions. Gartner thinks that algorithms will have a major impact on companies competitive strengths.

4. System Consolidation: For several years IT has intensely been focusing on consolidate the number of technologies, platforms and applications. Now this is history, according to Gartner and in the future the number of applications will increase rather dramatically. This is of course a direct consequence of the bimodal approach, different applications will fill completely different purposes and needs. Gartner made it clear that IT needs to stop working against this and start to find the best ways, technologies and governance structures to really embrace this journey.


How do Barium Live fit into this?

Digital: We take business processes and turn them into digital applications that can interact with everything from Internet of Things, social software as well as old legacy systems. Digitalisation is our core!

Mode 2 in Bimodal: Barium Live is designed to create cost efficient business applications without coding. Applications can easily and quickly be created and edited by business people.

Business Algorithms: Barium Live is not a calculation engine, however once the business algorithm is formulated a Barium Live integration could be the solution to execute what ever needs to be done based on the algorithm.

System Consolidation: Barium Live is a platform where you can create applications for a lot of different areas. So even if the number of applications would be numerous, it will still be made on the same platform.

What are your future spotting in the IT section?


Barium Raise to a challenge via Internet Of Things


“Connected” – A term commonly used in todays IT landscape.

Connection can be all about taking advantage of information and signals created at one place, do something new with it in a second place and use the redefined information as a signal or an input to a third system/process/”thing”.

We at Barium not only create digital process driven business applications, we sometimes connect our processes with different “things”.

In the upcoming event Gartner Symposium/ITxpo we will show this in reality. This year’s theme for the event is Rise to the challenge. We at Barium not only Rise but also Raise to the challenge.

We have experimented in creating a connection between a physical button, called a flic, and a Barium Live process application. Start a new instance, take photos, communicate with social media and at the same time raise money for Save the children, by just pressing buttons!

Visit us at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, try it out and help us #RaiseToTheChallenge!

“In the new world it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish”

Next week we will participate at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona as the ”small fish”.

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona is THE major yearly IT event in Europe. Last year more then 5.000 attendees participated, among them mainly CIO:s, senior IT executives and software vendors.

So why does a 50 employee Swedish software company participate in such an event? One major reason could be illustrated by the quote in this blog post title stated by Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of World Economic Forum.

“In the new world it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish”

We are turning our customers into fast fishes through Barium Live, giving companies and organizations capabilities to act on changes in market conditions by agile smart process driven business applications.

This year we are not only smart and fast. During the event we will run a campaign to make the world a better place driven by how conference attendees interact with us. Barium Live might be a small and fast fish but together with you we might create a completely new species!

Follow the hashtag #raisetothechallenge and see what will happen…barcelona

Från okänd till nöjd och effektiv medarbetare!

Aboard HR suite

”Personalen är vår viktigaste resurs!”

Hur ofta har man inte hört det uttalandet? Något så viktigt måste få stor uppmärksamhet på alla tänkbara sätt, så som kompetens, rutiner, processer samt stöd i form av instruktioner och system.

Resan från ett identifierat behov av ny medarbetare till dess att man har en ny kollega med full kapacitet är något som många företag har utmaningar med. Arbetet är ofta manuellt och omständligt samtidigt som det involverar ett stort antal personer. För vissa av processens medverkande är detta något man gör sällan medan andra har en betydligt större erfarenhet. Behovet av stöd för de involverade kan därför variera.

Att strukturerat och professionellt bygga upp en rekrytering samt hantera och lagra ansökningar är inte alltid så lätt som det låter. Även med befintliga HR-lösningar och lönesystem på plats finns det utrymmen där stöd saknas. Hur skall en ny rekrytering godkännas? Var skall vi annonsera? Hur hanteras kandidater som inte är de primära valen men som kan bli aktuella?

När man väl hittat en ny medarbetare och avtalet är påskrivet börjar det egentliga jobbet att ”få ombord” den nya kollegan. Rutiner kring detta kan vara bristfälliga och varierar ofta stort inom samma företag. I regel är systemstöd något som fullständigt saknas och risken att saker faller mellan stolarna är påtagligt. Under sådana förutsättningar kan det vara svårt att lyckats stötta en ny kollega till sin fulla kapacitet och samtidigt säkerställa ett bra och professionellt mottagande.

Många glömmer att rekrytering och introduktion är en viktig del i kultur- och varumärkesbyggande för företag, därför måste upplevelsen av rekryteringen upplevas som professionell och effektiv av samtliga som söker jobbet. En annan vinst med en effektiv introduktion är att den nya medarbetaren stöttas i att bli produktiv snabbare. Genom att säkerställa att all utrustning, såsom passerkort, telefon, dator och annat som behövs för jobbet, finns på plats redan dag ett kommer den nya kollegan i arbete så fort som möjligt. (För att inte tala om hur välkomnande det känns!)

Effektivitet, professionalism och varumärke är bara några av de aspekter man bör väga in när man utvecklar och arbetar med sina HR-processer.

Vi på Barium har samlat våra erfarenheter baserat på lösningar vi tidigare skapat i något vi kallar för Barium Aboard. Aboard är inte bara ett koncept eller en blueprint utan fungerande processbaserade lösningar för rekryteringsunderlag, hantering av ansökningar och introduktionen av nya medarbetare. Kom igång direkt eller anpassa efter er verksamhet och era specifika behov enkelt.

Vi kommer snart berätta mer men vill du inte vänta kontakta oss redan idag!

Barium Live upgraded to 2015.6


Barium Live has been upgraded to version 2015.6, an upgrade that contains news and improvements in many different areas.

List categories

It is now possible to create categories that individual lists can be added into in order to organize lists in a better way. You can create a category for any list and add as many as you want to it. A list category can be minimized or expanded to show only the relevant lists for the task at hand.

List categories

Download BPMN 1.0 process models as PDF

We’ve added the ability for all people that have access to view a BPMN 1.0 process model to download it as a PDF version. This is useful for printing or sharing in other medias.

Download as PDF

Optional forms

For BPMN 2.0 process applications we have added a setting that makes forms optional to fill in. A useful tool in those cases it is up to the person performing the task to decide which form is relevant to fill in, if any.


Other improvements

We’ve added improvements in many other areas of Barium Live as well. For example to forms, setting permissions, adding users, modeling message events and more.

All the details as well as a short video presentation are available in the
2015.6 upgrade change log.

Jonathan Franze
Product Manager – Barium Live

Barium Live – En kameleont?

Per-Olav Gramstad - Halmstad
Per-Olav Gramstad från Halmstads kommun stod på scen på eFörvaltningsdagarna
och pratade om en smartare kommunal förvaltning med körbara processer

Förra veckan var det återigen dags för eFörvaltningsdagarna, offentlig sektors största konferens inom digitalisering och verksamhetsutveckling. Barium var naturligtvis där tillsammans med en stor del av Sveriges offentliga verksamheter, men även IT-ministern Mehmet Kaplan samt representanter från både Google och EU-kommissionen. På plats fanns flera av våra kunder, en av dessa, CSN, representerades av Åsa Eriksson som förtjänstfullt nomineras till årets eDiamond Award för myndighetens framgångsrika arbete med ständiga förbättringar.

En annan av våra kunder, Halmstad Kommun stod på scen med sin projektledare Per-Olov Gramstad och höll en uppskattad session kring arkitektur och strategi för att förverkliga e-förvaltning på riktigt.

Dagarna bjöd på mängder av spännande samtal från både myndigheter, kommuner och partners, och den gemensamma bilden är att det finns mycket kvar att göra innan vi når en fullständigt digital förvaltning.

Vilken roll spelar då Barium i detta? Vi brukar själva säga att vi är ett BPM PaaS (Business Process Management Platform-as-a-Service) som kan användas inom en rad olika områden för att, just, digitalisera verksamheter.

Per-Olav beskrev Barium Live som en komponent som koordinerar det som skall göras, kors människor, system och information. Vi hjälper flera kommuner att koordinera ärendeprocesser där medborgare genom e-tjänster exempelvis kan söka ledighet för sina barn, ansöka om bidrag eller kanske förlänga ett parkeringstillstånd.

Man brukar säga att kärt barn har många namn. För oss på Barium har det ingen betydelse hur man beskriver vår tjänst, det viktiga är att Barium Live effektivt får saker gjorda på det sätt som kunden vill.

Vad skulle du vilja att Barium Live var? – Kontakta oss så skall vi se hur Barium Live, likt en kameleont, kan transformeras för att passa just era behov.