Send message with email attachments in Barium Live 2016.10

2016.10 provides additional features for sending emails as well as a minor improvement to the comments function and several bug fixes.

It is now possible to attach files to emails sent from process applications:

– You can attach files taken from attachment form fields
– You can attach an entire data object form as a PDF file

– You can attach generated document as either PDF or docx files


Emails sent from message events can now have a from name which will show up as the sender of the email. Coupled with the previously released reply to address function, emails can now be customised to provide an improved experience for the recipients.


Go to the Barium Live Help Center and the 2016.10 – Change log for full details about this upgrade.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

New boundary events in Barium Live 2016.9

2016.9 delivers new boundary events as well as expanded functionality for sending emails.

Non-interrupting manual boundary events gives users the option of triggering alternate flows from inside an active task without cancelling the task.



Error boundary events can be attached to service and script tasks and trigger alternate flows if the tasks scripting fails and generates an error.


Users can now add a “reply to address” which will replace the default address when replying to emails sent by the Barium Live process engine.

Furthermore, a quick list of categories is now available to chose recipients from.


Go to the Barium Live Help Center and the 2016.9 – Change log for full details about this upgrade.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

Expanded functionality in Barium Live 2016.8

The 2016.8 upgrade delivers expanded functionality and ease of use adaptations.

New features include the ability to use a different display name and Data ID for forms in your process model allowing you to name your forms as you wish using special signs and spaces without this impacting your ability to reference the forms Data ID.


When first creating your form template, name it in any format you like, this will be your Display Name. Once you’ve added it to the canvas and double clicked it, the system will have created a Data ID automatically based on the Display Name in the appropriate format.

An additional script component has also been added allowing you to assign a single user to a role based on the value of a form field.

The Assign user from form field script component allows you to select a role in the process and assign a user to that role based on the value of a form field containing the email address of a Barium Live user account.

Last of our new features is a form rules setting with the ability to hide and clear a form field.


In the form designer when adding a rule, it’s now possible not only to hide but also to clear a form field which can be useful for more advanced form scripting which might otherwise interfere based on values in hidden forms.

Further improvements in the 2016.8 upgrade help users set up the out of office functionality more easily as well as provide more information in exported user lists.

Go to the Barium Live Help Center and the 2016.8 – Change log for full details about this upgrade.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

Create documents with instance data in Barium Live 2016.7

2016.7 introduces new functionality allowing users to create word documents containing instance data from forms and variables by uploading a Document Template to the process model, attaching it to a task and then running the process application. Variables can be written in plain text in the document template which makes this a quick and easy new tool to use in Barium Live.


Furthermore, the Complete Task button is now customizable from Application Settings.


Besides these two new features, a range of improvements have been made to the mobile and web interface.

Go to the Barium Live Help Center and the 2016.7 – Change log for full details about this upgrade.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

Improved user experience in Barium Live 2016.6

This upgrade includes some neat new features and improvements with focus towards making configuration and every day use of Barium Live easier.

Our new Unassign Role script component allows users to automatically clear a selected role of any assigned user or group. Furthermore, the script configuration window has been greatly improved with tool tip help texts and alerts to guide you in setting them up correctly.

Gateways can now be set up to automatically direct workflows based on sub process or call activity end states without any scripting.

Searches in the list view now also generate hits from the Performer column.

Go to the Barium Live Help Center and the 2016.6 – Change log for full details about this upgrade.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

Easy to use, automated scripting in Barium Live 2016.5

Our new upgrade includes five easy to use, automated Scripts Components. These components make advanced modelling a lot easier and more available.

You don’t need to be a scripting expert to use them!

The new Script Components
Clear Field Value – Clears any form field of value.
Copy all Fields – Copies all the values from a form and pastes them to any other form.
Move to Folder – Moves any form to any directory in your content folder.
Rename Form – Renames any form.
Set Instance Name – Changes the name of the current process instance. 

Simply add these Script Components by dragging and dropping them onto a Script Task in your process model and associate any form you wish the scripts to affect.


Configure your scripts easily from pre-populated drop down lists.


Go to the Barium Live Help Center and the 2016.5 – Change log for full details about this upgrade.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

Erfarenheter kring digitalisering – Barium Business Live


Den 12 april genomförde vi på Barium evenemanget Business Live för tredje året i rad. Årets upplaga hölls på anrika Nalen i Stockholm och besöktes av drygt 200 personer. Fokus låg på hur olika verksamheter lyckats digitalisera sina arbetssätt med hjälp av Barium Live.

Vår ambition med Business Live är att låta personer från företag och organisationer inspireras av vad andra gör och har gjort, få en insikt i de senaste trenderna samt nätverka och mingla med varandra, oss på Barium samt våra partners. Continue reading

Smoother modeling with Barium Live 2016.4

A new upgrade on Barium Live is completed and contains new and improved features that further enhances our BPMN 2.0 Modeler.

Smart form field finder
Available form fields are now automatically displayed as a drop down list in all locations in the modeler where form fields can be specified instead of having to manually write the variable code to reference a specific form field. Find the feature in process and email message configuration as well as in timer and deadline configuration.


Smoother modeling
The modeller has been improved with some neat new features including live text label updates, one-click access to attachments, easier customization of block symbols by an added colour picker and the retaining of opened panels when handling objects of the same type.


Go to Barium Live Help Center and the article 2016.4 – Change log for full details about this upgrade.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

News on Barium Live – upgrade 2016.3 completed

A new upgrade on Barium Live is completed and brings new features and functions to live in various areas, here are some highlights!

Start instance from Lists
It is now possible to start new instances from the List View. Making it even more efficient for users mostly working with lists and starting new instances.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 14.06.16

Synchronised Inclusive Gateways
Inclusive Gateways now also work in process applications. All merging inclusive gateways automatically keeps track of all active paths that are able to end up on the gateway and waits for them to either show up, get consumed or goes another way before the gateway gets evaluated.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 16.06.01

Comments support in Barium Live REST API
Now the Barium Live REST API also support comments. Via the API all types of comments, on instances and on specific files and objects, can now be received, created and deleted.

Go to Barium Live Help Center and the article 2016.3 – Change log for full details about this upgrade.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

Barium Live upgraded to 2016.2

The new version 2016.2 is now live on Barium Live, introducing the new feature Form Rules which allows easily create dynamic forms.

Form Rules Editor
Change settings on form fields depending on previous selections or inputs in the form. Use rules and conditions to change if a field is optional or not, hidden or shown or if it is enabled or disabled depended on previous inputs i the form.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.52.27 copy

Email validation for new registered users
Now all new registered email addresses on Barium Live must be verified to make sure a valid address is used. In addition to this, also when changing address in the edit account settings it is required to verify the address before the address is updated on the account.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 08.16.36

For the full details of the content of this upgrade, see the 2016.2 Change log found in the Barium Live Help Center.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze