Barium Live! Improving your business two-fold in half the time

Barium Live! offers you a unique tool to create business applications to help you increase the productivity of your business. We are willing to stick our chin out and guarantee that you will improve your business two-fold in half the time it takes other companies to help you with similar tools when you use Barium Live!

How, you may ask?

1 – Collaborative process modeling
We offer a state-of-the-art process modeling tool which allows you to model all your processes, add documentation, instructional information and descriptions. Collaborate with other process modelers online by sharing your process with the people you choose. Publish your modeled process on any other web-site (Intranet or homepage) and share it with anybody.

Process models are superior to any other tool in describing work sequence and flow, a picture does say more than a thousand words. In Barium Live! you can combine instructional documentation directly in your process model for further description.

Oh, and did I mention you can do all of this for FREE!?!

2 – Process configuration
Once your process is modeled wouldn’t it be nice if you could configure it to actually run? In Barium Live! that is possible. Assign individuals or groups to process participants, create an e-Form with our built-in form designer and make it process-aware. Create business rules that helps you automate decisions or that provide information from other data sources in your e-Form such as article numbers, customer names or other lists of information.

3 – Execute your process as a process application
Processes can be used to create Process Applications. This makes your process run! A process instance is created by filling out the e-Form, you can even allow you customers to fill out the e-Form by publishing it on your web site or extranet.

With an account on Barium Live! you automatically get an inbox where all the created instances are shown for all participants, of course you only see the instances that you are supposed to see. Read the information from the e-Form, add additional information and send it forward in the process for handling. In the mean time your customer is constantly updated by the status of the instance through e-mail notifications.

What does this mean?
Having full control over non-conformance issues, tasks and cases is critical in all businesses. With Barium Live! you can model your process and convert them into fully functional case management systems thanks to our state-of-the-art Business Process Engine. If you change the process model – it will change your case management systems – no programming needed!

As a manager, you have full control of all reported issues. You can see an overview of how many issues are reported, curves and trends and are able to drill down to a specific task.

As a participant, performing work in the case management system is simple. It is always clear who has the ball and what needs to be done. An inbox, a process room, the process model, documentation and guides makes each activity easy and effective.

As a customer, it’s easy to follow the created task and to see where it is in the process, no need to bother the handlers with phone calls or e-mails.

Which process do you want to improve today?
Get your free account on Barium Live! and start improving your processes today. You only need to ask yourself one question; “which process do you wish to improve today?”

Visit our site for more information, videos and sign-up.

Jonathan Franze
Process Coach

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