Barium Live! release 2009.3 – E-forms and execution

Our development team has been working on a new update, which is now available to all Barium Live! users!

Barium Live! is developed using the SCRUM methodology, working in iterations of one or two months at a time, after which a new release is rolled out to our web Each release includes new features, as well as bug fixes. In this release we have focused on e-forms and process execution. If you are interested in knowing more about our development process, drop us a line. We might publish it on our blog if we get around to it!

Release 2009.3
The main focus areas for this release has been 1) improving our e-forms designer and 2) improving process execution, making it easier to create process-driven web applications with strong collaborative capabilities. Several bugs have been fixed and Internet Explorer 8 is now officially supported. A few improvements have also been made to the Barium BPMN Modeler.

Process execution improvements
Support for sub process instances.

  • Example: a project can be a process instance, every project generates change requests according to a change request process. All created change requests are shown as sub process instances to the main project process instance. Process instances and sub process instances are shown in a hierarchical structure.

Planned activities can be inserted into your Outlook or Google Calendar using the iCalendar standard format.

Human participants can now be manually assigned. Choose from a list who should be assigned as the acting participant for consecutive steps in the process.

Process application creators/operators can now restart process instances and solve process application problems.

  • Example. Process applications with integrated web services may fail if a web service is temporarily out of service, which might affect the current process instance. With the process application dashboard, errors can be identified and fixed.

Public web service-based integration API

  • Integrate process applications with other web services and line-of-business applications.

E-form improvements
General enhancements of the e-form creator making it easier to use and more transparent.

Support for sub-e-forms. You can re-use commonly used forms e.g. contact information fields.

General feature improvements
Better support for Internet Explorer 8.

Barium BPMN Modeler improvements
The first pool that is added to your process is automatically given the same name as your process.

Use the F2 key to edit the name of pools and lanes just as you can with any other object.

Lanes automatically assume the name of a drag-and-dropped process participant.

Fixed bugs
A total of 25 minor bugs were fixed ranging across all aspects of the service.

If you have questions or comments regarding this update, drop us a comment here in the blog or let us know in the forums on (available for all registered users).

Jonathan Franze
Process Coach
Barium Live!

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