Microsoft Summit, a Success?

Microsoft Summit 2009 is over for this year and we’re heading back home to Gothenburg after an intense day at Kista fair. Overall we are satisfied with the event, we had opportunities to present our product to some new people, put out some feelers for new customers and new partners.

Being a finalist in the Microsoft .Net Awards enables us to showcase our product for members at Microsoft, the people organizing the awards and to our fellow competitors in the event.

Overall we had very positive feedback from all the people who were interested enough to visit us. The simplicity, ease to get started and the power of being able to create useful applications with a huge depth impressed all who we had the opportunity to demonstrate our service to.

We do believe that we were the only ones propagating for the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). It’s interesting to see how people react to seeing the notation for the first time and how most people see it as being very simple to use with no prior experience or training.

On the 10th of December the winners for the Microsoft .Net Awards 2009 will be announced and we hope to stand up as winners, we will keep you updated.

Stay tuned!

Jonathan Franze
Process Coach

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