Barium Live! release 2009.4 – Publish your process app on the web!

We have been working on the 2009.4 update to Barium Live! and are happy to announce that it is now available to all of our users!

Release 2009.4

This time around focus has been set on the following stories:

  • External start of process applications
  • Modeler support for restricted networks
  • A number of fixes

Publish your process app on the web and create your own e-services

Transform your process application into an e-service by publishing process applications on a public web site, intranet or extranet. With just a few clicks you can turn on external start on your process application and generate a public URL for your process application to use on sites where people can start instances of your process. There’s no need for them have an account on Barium Live and no need for complicated e-mail inbox monitoring. Everything ends up in your task inbox on Barium Live!

Better support for restricted networks when modeling processes

Many of our users model processes from within their restricted computer networks – with proxies, firewalls and other security measures. These security measures have made it difficult for some to save process models to Barium Live! directly from the browser.

We have now enhanced the networking capabilities of Barium BPMN Modeler to better work around these problems. Modeling processes online is essential to get access to all online features such as Forms, Business Rules, Document Repositories and more. If the modeler is unable to contact the Barium Live! server it will automatically run in disconnected mode, letting you model processes with all the features available online but prompting you to save your modeled process locally on your computer instead of online when saving.

When your are finished modeling, simply upload the .BPMN file to Barium Live! to continue work on your process.


A number of smaller problems have been fixed to enhance usability and functions across the entire web service. Among others:

  • Data Objects are now visible when viewing process models
  • Support for embedded PDF files in Firefox and Chrome
  • Improved saving of sub forms when performing tasks

Jonathan Franze
Process Coach

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