Barium Live! updated to 2010.1

We have updated the Barium Live service today to version 2010.1. The update includes features and functions that we have been working on the latest months and bring you a number of improvements and several new functions and features. Below you can read about the general functions and in the following blog posts we will publish detailed examples of how you can use these functions in your daily process work.

Do you need to model 2 documents or more to a task and not want to clutter your process model with many document artifacts?

Use the “Container” artifact to add several documents and URL-links in one single document object.

Click on the container to see all of the documents and objects in the container. Click on a contained document to read it’s content.

Invite users to your task

Invite colleagues, experts and others to view, collaborate and work with a specific task in collaboration with you. Allow them to add input to the task, change information in the task or perform actions in your task.

Model a process and make it runable. In every task the person(s) responsible for the task can choose to invite other users. Process-driven collaboration.

Discuss and comment activities in tasks

Discuss and comment activities within tasks with other users who work on the same task.

Pin important comment threads to move them to the top of the discussion.

Ensure that discussions are saved in the same place as the task is being performed.

Track all changes in an activity

View all activities performed within process activities.

See if when a document has been updated, who updated it and when. See who added a comment.

Get a full traceability of a work being performed in a specific task and who did what.

All of these features are available to you right now. Log on to Barium Live and try them. Don’t have an account? Sign up for a free 30-day trial account and get started improving your business process and running your business.

In the coming weeks we will be publishing more detailed information on how these functions work and other minor changes that are available to you. Keep posted by subscribing to our blog och come back and visit soon.

Jonathan Franze
Process Coach

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