Introducing myself: Barend

Guest blogger Barend BeenackersIt seems to be best practice to introduce yourself before you start blogging, so let’s get that out of the way first. My name is Barend Beenackers and I work for the Dutch consulting firm Process Express.

My professional career started around 2005 when I was just about finished studying Business Administration at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. I thought it would be weird to graduate without actual experience in business (other that the odd side jobs) and got in touch with a consulting firm for an internship, and through them I ended up at a large investment bank in the Netherlands. There I had the privilege to be a part of a massive project that changed the way they thought about and managed their business processes. From that moment on I saw processes everywhere I looked. My eyes had been opened and I decided to focus my energy on Business Process Management (BPM).

Mid 2006 the lead consultant of the project took me aside. He was about to start his own BPM consulting firm and he wanted me along for the ride. Because working with him had been such a pleasure I did not hesitate and joined him in this adventure. A couple of months later Process Express was officially established and we have been going strong ever since. Since then I have done a whole lot of projects about and around BPM. From engineering new organisations and setting up BPM departments to lean projects and target operating models. Process thinking and doing have always played a central role.

A couple of years ago we started to realise that tooling to support BPM was going in a new direction. The tools were growing more flexible and business oriented and we wanted to utilise it for our customers. We did our market research and could not find a tool on the Dutch market that did what we wanted it to do. But we did find one in Sweden, at Barium AB. Since 2010 we bring Barium Live! to the Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg markets and we work intensively with the guys in Sweden to bring you the best BPM service possible.

My aim is to add value to this blog by writing about and discussing the management perspective on BPM. In my next articles we will be discussing why BPM should be on the management agenda and how it can be used successfully. I like feedback and discussion, so please do not hesitate to comment on my posts.

Process Express logoRegards,
Barend Beenackers
Senior Business Consultant
Process Express

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