Time to introduce myself: Fredrik

It is finally time to release our new BariumLive! blog and time to present myself among the other contributors.

My name is Fredrik Selander, and I am working within Barium’s sales department. I have been working for Barium for a year now and I will try to share my insight of the BPM and IT market as I have perceived it thus far. My earlier career has seen me working within heavy industry, retail and logistics. I am also involved in local politics. Therefore my ambition is to touch on several areas around Business Improvement and IT from a holistic perspective, but also to touch on specific areas of interest.

Some of the areas I have in mind are listed below:

  • Why do we map processes? (Business)
  • Who should be responsible for a process initiative? (Organisation)
  • Is it possible to catch all business needs in a RFP/specification? (Procurement, Agile Methods)
  • Barium Live! + Google Docs = a cloud couple? (Platform)
  • What is a BPMS? (IT)

I will also try and reflect on ideas and conversations I have had with potential clients. But don’t be afraid, I will not put your names up here!

In Sweden we are generally shutting down our businesses for a couple of weeks
over the summer period, so the blogs will be spontaneous until the beginning of August
where they will resume regularly.

Looking forward to having you all as readers!

Best regards,
Fredrik Selander
Sales Representative

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