Andy Salmon of WSP UK

I am delighted to be invited by Barium to be a guest blogger and have the opportunity to pass on my thoughts on Business Process Management and what WSP does in the UK.

My core profession is civil engineering and I have been a chartered civil engineer for nearly 20 years. I was introduced to systems thinking in the early 90s when lean thinking was the vogue and now nearly 20 years later it has become a hot topic again in this tough economic climate. From that first introduction and our clients’ demands for better value for money my research led me into understanding how value for an organisation (in whatever form that takes) is created and how it could be delivered more efficiently. That value may be profit and revenue for a private sector organisation or social outcomes for a public sector or third sector organisation.

Whatever outcomes are created for an organisation over time, value is initially generated from short term outputs of a business process consisting of activities carried out by resources that cost money. Manage these resources better and manage them to deliver more value and your organisation will be successful. Hence my focus on Business Process Management.

WSP provides integrated management and consultancy services to all aspects of the built and natural environment, ranging from management, engineering and planning to environmental advice. We are one of the UK’s major multi-disciplinary consultancies, with clients in both public and private sectors and have a dedicated team offering consultancy services in Business Process Management, specialising in Road, Rail, Water and Energy Infrastructure markets and Local and Central Government.

As an engineer, and not a system developer, I continually tracked the market for a system that would enable a business manager such as myself to manage business processes to the greatest effect. I could see that organisations were in desperate need of a system that would allow those with business management skills to leverage the benefits from what a business process management system could offer.

Hence WSP’s partnership with Barium was formed. In partnership with Barium, WSP are able to help our clients create bespoke, customer-focused process solutions delivering improvements in efficiency, quality and compliance and deliver value for money.

In future blogs I look forward to explaining the difference that Barium Live! has made to business process management in the 21st century and how WSP can help organisations in the UK leverage those benefits quickly. I would really welcome feedback and thanks for taking the time to read.

Best regards,
Andy Salmon
Technical Director

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