Curious George and Barium

Apart from a process company, barium is the chemical element no 56 in the periodic table. And just like the elements are parts of something bigger, the Barium Company offers a tool to be a part of your organisation and help you make it even greater.

Not everyone knows what the substance barium is used for, but within some areas of business they are very familiar with it. Health care is one example. The other day one of our clients within the health care sector brought us a page from the book Curious George Goes to the Hospital. It showed George drinking barium! He needs an X-ray, and it turns out that he has eaten a piece from a puzzle … just because it looked so tasty.

Curious George drinking bariumPicture from Curious George Goes to the Hospital
(1966) by Margret & H. A. Rey.

Curious George was open and inquisitive enough to try Barium to make him better – are you?

Be curious!
Josefine Aspenstrand
Marketing Manager

NOTE: In Sweden we pronounce barium with an A like in the word car, pronounced (bɑːriːθm). In English the element is called bair-ee-əm, pronounced (bɛəriəm), but since Barium is our name we use the Swedish pronunciation when we go abroad.

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