Barium Live! updated to 2011.1

Today the Barium Team has updated Barium Live! to version 2011.1 and this time it’s packed with new functions and features.

Release of Barium Live! 2011.1

Here are some of the key features in this release:
  • Lists – a brand new feature to let you access tasks more easily
  • Perform similar tasks directly from your inbox
  • Our free RESTful API
Lists allows you to decide which information in which process applications that is important to you. Create your own lists to show you information from form fields, filtered on dates, applications, sub processes and more. Save your lists and share them with others in your organisation for better control of what needs to be done.

Perform similar tasks from your inbox
 allows for effective handling of tasks that you want to complete with a single click. Select the tasks from your list and click “Perform action”.

The Barium Live! RESTful API
allows you to integrate to Barium Live! in a standardised way. You can create your own client application, start new processes from your internal systems or get information from processes by using our open and free API.

Other things
that we have improved include:
  • Quicker loading of the BPMN modeler in your web browser
  • Improved collaborative features in tasks
  • Presentation mode for process models

For the entire list of new and improved features on Barium Live! please read our
Release notes in the Barium Live! Wiki.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

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