E-Governance includes more than e-Services

Last week Barium attended Sweden’s biggest E-Governance exhibition called eFörvaltningsdagarna. During our two day stay, we had the opportunity to speak to delegates interested in BPM and e-services.

eFörvaltningsdagarna 2011

We weren’t the only company offering e-services, but we were the only Business Process Management System on site. In Sweden, focus is on e-ID, legislation and usability towards the citizen. This is essential and of course very important. Thus it won’t help governments and local authorities to improve and enhance their business and the customer experience as much as improving their internal processes.

Citizens contact local authorizes to ask for help, to complain, to ask for approval, to get contracts etc. The result is what matters to them. They want quick response, yes. But they also demand reliable and quality assured decisions. E-ID, legislation etc. are just hygienic factors. In order to improve an organisation we need to focus on the on-going improvement and the processes within. The biggest cost-structure (and biggest opportunity to improve) is within the organisation, not in the interface towards the citizen. Luckily I could see several key-notes with process in the topic header, at least!

Gartner chief analyst Andrea Di Maio is on the same track. In a recent article, Medborgaren inte längre i fokus (in Swedish), he clearly states that focus needs to shift towards employees so that they, in their turn, can perform their tasks well and obtain customer satisfaction. He also mentions the cloud as a suitable platform for improvements.

Fredrik Selander
Barium representative at eFörvaltningsdagarna 2011

One thought on “E-Governance includes more than e-Services

  1. “…that focus needs to shift towards employees so that they, in their turn, can perform their tasks well and obtain customer satisfaction. ”

    I couldn’t agree more. Isn’t that what business solutions are all about!? Without customer satisfaction, there would be no need for us!

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