Introducing the Barium SharePoint Client BETA

Now you can present the processes from Barium Live! in a SharePoint portal. Starting this afternoon, invites to try our beta version of the Barium SharePoint Client are available.

Barium SharePoint Client: Barium Process Viewer for SharePoint
Build your own process based management system in Microsoft SharePoint.

Extend your process models on Barium Live! to SharePoint and let your users see all processes in their intranet, extranet or portal based on SharePoint 2010 while you continue to model and create new process models on Barium Live!

The Barium SharePoint Client is an add-on for SharePoint 2010 that allows you to add Barium Live! processes to your SharePoint portal. The formal release is planned for first quarter 2012, but for those who cannot wait there is a private BETA version available.

The Barium SharePoint Client BETA includes:

  • Web Part for viewing process models
  • Clickable process models
  • Clickable sub processes
  • Ability to open attached process documentation

Find out more in the Barium Live! Wiki, or request an invite to try Barium SharePoint Client BETA right away.

Jonathan Franze

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