Barium Live! iPhone app updated

The Barium Live! iPhone app Barium Business Navigator has been updated to version 1.11 with a number of improvements.

iPhone app Barium Business Navigator: Start, take/pick photo & view process

Version 1.11 includes:

  • Optimized back-end for faster experience
  • Clearer indicators when app is loading data
  • Infinite scroll automatically loads more items when you scroll to the bottom
  • Improved interface for form fields
  • New icon

With the Barium Business Navigator you always have your processes in your pocket.

  • View all process models in the palm of your hand
  • Open all documentation attached to the processes for instructions
  • Start a process from your phone
  • See all tasks assigned to you or other process members
  • Complete tasks directly from your phone
  • Add a photo from your camera when starting a process

Download it for free from app store.

Learn more about how to create process apps on Barium Live! that are adapted for iPhone users in the Barium Live! Wiki.

Happy apping!
Jonathan Franze

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