Barium Live! updated to 2012.1.5

Barium Live! has been updated to version 2012.1.5, a patch adding some extra value and stabilization to the service.

Maximized views for modeling and external start
When modeling your processes you often need space. Therefore, we have maximized the modeling view for a better modeling experience, taking away unnecessary design elements.

Likewise, the view for external starts of process apps has been improved to make best use of the space on the screen.

Maximized Modeler

More user-friendly and better-looking profile administration
The Barium Live! redesign continues. This time we have updated the profile administration to match the rest of the Barium Live! design.

New profile administration design

We have added a number of fixes as well.Things like:

  • Correct language on the service and e-mails that are sent out.
  • A number of fixes to the modeling tool.
  • General stability and fixes.

Log on to Barium Live! to see the news for yourself.

For a complete list of content in the 2012.1.5 patch read the release note on our wiki.


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