Barium Live! 2012.2 is here

Barium Live! has been updated to version 2012.2 with a bunch of new and improved features which are ready and available for all users.

The release is packed with new and improved features which increase the self-service capabilities with several neat customization features to give our users more control over configuration in spaces, lists and process apps as well as improvements to the modeler and new, useful shortcuts on the Space start page.

Improved monitoring capabilities of ongoing work
We have added features to allow you to create lists that show all tasks that are being completed or that have been completed for your running process apps.

Perfomer is a new column that shows who have a specific task in their inbox. It allows you to track who can and will perform a specific task.

Customize your Space even more
The Space start page has been improved and now presents your latest start events, your latest inbox items and the process models that you have worked on lately with quick access to perform work.

You can select a process model to present on the Space start page which can be viewed by and opened by all space members for quick access to the processes and process information that they need in their daily work.

You can hide the standard lists presented in My activity lists so that it’s even easier for your space members to find their tasks by offering them you own customized activity lists.

Improved modeling features
The  Barium BPMN modeler has received a number of improvements such as:

  • Better copy, paste
  • Better loading indication
  • Customizable Intermediate Timer event

Improved Space administration design
The Space administration page has been revamped with an improved design and more features for easier administration of space configuration and content.

As always, there are a number of fixes and stabilization features that have been applied to Barium Live! as well.

For a complete list and detailed description of all the new features in the 2012.2 release, read on in our release notes on the Barium Live! wiki.

Oh, I almost forgot. We have one more thing that we have been working on for the 2012.2 release, but you will have to wait until the beginning of next week before you can read about it. Watch this space!

Jonathan Franze

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