Barium SharePoint Client comes out of Beta

The Barium Live! SharePoint Client has official come out of beta and is now available to everyone who wants to add process to their SharePoint environment.

We have been working for some time with our add-on for SharePoint which has been available as a Beta for those users that have been interested in giving it a try.

Add process to SharePoint
Today it’s finally available in the official version 1.0 for everyone who wishes to share processes to users using SharePoint that are created on Barium Live!

What can it do?
The Barium SharePoint Client contains a Web Part that can be added to any SharePoint page and configured to present a process model that has been published on Barium Live!

All of your SharePoint user that visit the page where the process is presented will be able to see the process, open sub processes and all attached documentation without any need for them to log on to Barium Live! or or any other configuration.

With the Barium SharePoint Client you can combine the intranet features of SharePoint and the collaborative and process compliance features of Barium Live!

Ensure that all your co-workers easily see the correct process information at all times

Manage all process change, collaboratively, with all process owners on the Barium Live! web service

Publish your process model with one simple click on Barium Live! and all processes in SharePoint will be updated to the latest version automatically

Learn more
All features and functions are described in detail in the Barium Live! Wiki for the Barium SharePoint Client.

Download and try it
You can download the Barium SharePoint Client and try for free for 30 days.

The Barium SharePoint Client supports both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007.

Jonathan Franze

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