SharePoint applications in a snap!

We know that many organizations evaluate or already work within a Microsoft SharePoint environment as a platform for collaboration, document sharing and even workflows. SharePoint do offer a great set of features and millions of possibilities for adaptation. This means, in short, that the time and effort to do something in SharePoint requires hundreds of expensive hours from consultants or in-house developers.

Barium Live! - Barium SharePoint Client

Barium Live! is the business-friendly tool enabling business users, not-only tech-savvy users, to construct and develop advanced workflows within minutes, hours or a couple of days instead of weeks or even months of developing. And to add the workflows to SharePoint!

Thanks to our prized innovation (Gartner Cool Vendor 2012Map to App it is possible to create runnable workflows by simply model the workflow like a process map. Add roles, guiding documents, business logic and e-forms, and a couple of minutes later you can implement the solution in your global organization. Enable external and internal users to interact through web-forms on your web page, corporate intranet or SharePoint portal.

Have a look at our web site—and if you like what you see, please give me a call to arrange a meeting!

Fredrik Selander
Barium Stockholm Office

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