Barium Live! updated to 2012.3

We are proud to bring yet another major update to Barium Live! for the third time this year and at no extra cost to our customers, namely Barium Live! version 2012.3.

The 2012.3 release brings brand new features focused on improving the user experience for end users who perform work in process applications and to give them all the tools needed to perform tasks as effectively as possible.

Brand new Task ViewA completely new, configurable Task View which can be customized per participant and task makes it possible to create guides to help people perform work and ensure that they have everything they need to be able to perform their tasks fast and with the best possible quality in every step of your process. Clearly see things like:

  • Comments from the previous performers in the process.
  • Deadline for when the task is due.
  • Customized instructional information to make work easy.

Deadlines on tasks

We have added the ability to add deadlines to tasks that can be presented in lists and that show each tasks deadline date to give you an overview of which tasks in your process applications are due and when. The lists clearly show tasks that are overdue or close to their due date.

Improved performance
We have greatly improved the performance and loading time in lists as well as the time it takes to open and view information in the new Task View saving you time in your work.

Improved Map-to-App flow
We have improved the Map-to-App flow to make it faster, easier and more intuitive to transform models into process applications and save clicks when going from Map to App.

Read all about the new features in the release notes.
Try out all the new features by logging into Barium Live!

Don’t have an account? Sign up for a free 30 day trial account.

Happy Apping!
Jonathan Franze

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