Barium Live! updated with service pack – 2013.1.1

We have updated Barium Live! with a minor service pack aimed at bringing some minor improvements to a selection of features, adding stability and performance and fixing bugs.

Improvement highlights

The mobile web interface for the Ready-to-Run Application Service Request has received improvements allowing tasks in the packaged solution to work on any smart phone.

Mobile interface for smartphones

Read more about Ready-to-Run application Service Request

The Share Task dialog has been slightly refined to look better and to be easier to use. We have also added the possibility to allow process participants to reassign their current task and all future tasks for an instance to someone else. Useful if you want to reassign the role to someone completely different.

Two new list columns are available; Last Activity and Last Instance Activity which are aimed at allowing users to create list that are sorted on last activity, the date when something happened in an instance or task. Now you can have a list that shows the latest active instance in the top of the list.

The Activity Log Beta has been improved and now shows action comments in the activity stream as well.

Fixed issues and performance improvements

A number of issues have been fixed and performance has been improved in areas where it took a long time to load a large number of items, such as instances, process versions and more.

For a complete list of all the details, check out the change log for 2013.1.1 on our Wiki

Happy Apping!
Jonathan Franze

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