Barium Live! 2013.2 is here

Barium Live! has received its second major update this year. This time focus has been on bringing an improved end user experience along with some great new features to help automate process applications even more.

Upload your company logo to a Space

It is now possible to customize any Space by uploading a logotype and choosing a custom color to make a space more personal to your company or organisation.

Improved user interface

The interface has received a general update in all areas to better fit customers graphical interfaces to minimize clashing with any colors and logotypes that may be uploaded. We have also made changes based on input and experiences we have had on the new interface so far. See the gallery below for some screen shots of what it will look like.

General UI improvements

  • All colors have been adjusted to more neutral ones
  • The top header has been made a little bit smaller to take up less height

Lists UI improvements

  • New look and feel in all lists
  • Better icons in task and instance lists

Task view UI improvements

  • We have may slight changes to the interface, toning down lines
  • Task deadlines are now shown in the grey top ribbon so it is always available

Gallery with screen shots of the UI improvements

New List Features

  • Lists is the word that replaces My Activity Lists. Same functionality, different name.
  • We have added 2 new list filter choices; Not and Does not contain allowing you to create lists that exclude words or phrases that you do not want to show.
  • You can now see who has created a list that is shared with you.

New Task Features

  • Task Deadline is now always visible when viewing a task.
  • All forms can be downloaded as PDFs, even those found in the Content Folder.
  • Forms now clearly indicate who updated it and when.

Improved buttons when completing Tasks

  • The Complete Task buttons have been updated to look better.
  • Confirm is always shown to make it clearer for users when a task is completed.

Apart from these new features we have added several improvements and squashed some bugs. For a complete list and detailed description of all the new features and fixed issues please read the Barium Live! 2013.2 Release Notes found on the Barium Live! Wiki.

Barium Live! Manager
Jonathan Franze

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