Around the world in some more than eighty days

When Phileas Fogg in the early 1870s at the Reform Club in London takes that bet to get around the world in a maximum of 80 days, it was a big challenge. As most people know, it was an adventurous journey with many intrigues and a trip that probably demanded hefty financial strength to do.

Today, a trip around the world in 80 days is not a challenge at all. Possibly, it became a bit hard if you inserted some limitations such as a limited amount of spending in nature or that you only got to use vehicles driven by human power.

We are facing a lot of challenges, which seams to be impossible to manage at first sight. One of these is to run rapid IT projects delivering great value. There is a reason there is a saying that you have to multiply the project’s initial time estimate and / or budget with π to get a more accurate idea. The good news is it doesn’t need to be like that.

One of our clients, a company in the retail industry, had some challenges with some of their product lines. The time from an idea was born until the product was on the shelf in the store was perceived as too long. In itself it is not an easy process as it includes product development, choice of supplier, delivery and so on and so on. We at Barium commenced a discussion with the client about this and together we succeeded in getting a solution in place designed, adapted, implemented and with trained staff in 38 countries in 3 months, around the word in some more than 80 days.

So although our challenges are different from those who the good Mr Fogg faced, and which at first glance may seem impossible to cope with, are there sometimes solutions that you never thought possible. We at Barium think we can help with a lot of these challenging scenarios.

Finally, as a result of the implemented solution the client managed reduce the lead-time from concept to shelf with 50% – we think that is adding value.

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