Barium Live Certified in accordance with Information Security Standard ISO-27001

We are happy to announce that Barium Live! now is certified in accordance with the Information Security Standard ISO-27001.

Through the certification Barium has ensured that Barium Live! is protected by the best possible structures, processes and procedures for information security. The certification comprises development, delivery and support of Barium Live! including customer data management.

ISO 27001 Logo

Why certifying Barium Live?

Bariums Information Security Coordinator Björn Asklöf has been leading the work with the certification, which was finished in July 2013.

– Every day we see an increasing amount of threats towards different IT-solutions, says Björn.
– Therefore, it is of great importance that our customers feel confident in that Barium Live! is a secure service and that their information is managed in a secure way – so that data does not disappear, get corrupted, stolen or unavailable. Since Barium Live! is a cloud-service, we obviously take the information security issue extremely seriously, which the ISO-27001 certification is a public evidence on.

What does the certification mean?

The ISO certification ensures that work with customer data in Barium Live! is performed in a secure way, in purpose to maximize information security.

– High technical security is a given for Barium, says Björn.
– But that is not all. When handling sensitive information we follow secure routines, processes and procedures. One of the most important processes is the one that manage risk analysis and continuity planning – the ability to early identify potential threats and take preventive and mitigative actions is critical to us. With good routines and processes for such as continuity planning are we – and thus our customers – well prepared for different scenarios.

If you want to know more about Bariums work with information security, visit or feel free to to contact our Information Security Coordinator Björn Asklöf. You can also read more about ISO-27001 on or on Wikipedia.

Christian Andreasson

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