”Play that funky music”

This disco classic from 1976 with the group Wild Cherry
 that was recorded again 1990 by Vanilla Ice is the starting point for today’s blog post.

So what on earth has this disco hit to do with BPM? Maybe not that much but it makes sense to use when discussing Cloud Solutions.

Back in the 70’s and by the way also the 80’s as well as 90’s and early 00’s it was rather cumbersome to listen to music.

First you had to do the hardware investment. Depending on which of the centuries above we had a few different components to deal with. Most of you who are of some age for sure remember the “HIFI rack” that was more or less prestigious furniture in all homes.


They usually had at least an amplifier, a receiver, a cassette deck, a record player, a CD player or maybe a CD player for multiple CDs. Then of course you had to have a pair of loudspeakers and number of LP’s, EP’s, CD’s and cassettes. All of them space consuming dust collectors that needed careful treatment.

So once you had bought the hardware you had to do the implementation, in other words, decide where to put the pile of hardware and connect all the different pieces with each other. And finally you were able to start listening to music. Of course you had to be close to the HIFI rack to be able to turn it around the record to the B side after a few songs or to swap CD after approximately 45 minutes. If you wanted to listen to different artists after each other or songs in a different order you had to put one person in front of the rack to manage it or create a play list on a cassette, a so called “Bland band”. That was a rather time consuming process with limited flexibility.

There is probably more then one person out there who has spent the main part of a party very close to the HIFI rack managing the music and not being able to enjoying her-/himself and socialize with others.

Well things have changed. If I mention the scenario above for my “kids”, teenagers, they don’t understand what I am talking about. “You just need your smart phone, a pair of wireless loudspeakers, a Spotify account and of you go”. Less investment, much easier, available everywhere (hard to see someone move around with a HIFI rack) and you can focus on the listening or the party rather then being “chained” at the HIFI rack.

So if we have started to do this when it comes to our music consumption how come most companies still running their IT environment in the same fashion as the old HIFI rack.
Doing the big hardware investment, buying the applications (LP’s, EP’s, CD’s) doing the big implementation project and in the end, after quite some time, receiving the value.
And then by suddenly notice there is a shift in technology (from LP’s to CD’s), which force them to repeat the journey again.

If you want to be more flexible, agile and business oriented focusing on value so get away from the “HIFI rack” – Go Cloud

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