Management à la Alfons Åberg

”Jag ska bara…”, I shall only

That is the standard answer on any question asked to the Swedish child book character Alfons Åberg.

It is also a statement we often hear when meeting different companies out there. They might be well aware that there is a need for changes in their business models including their way of working and their operational processes etc. etc.

But there is often a “Jag ska bara…” that is in the way of moving forward. The reasons for “Jag ska bara…” might be several and different – Every thing from old system environments, organizational changes lack of time and so on. When doing major or minor changes there are no shortcuts.

You need to go through the change agendas (blue line bellow) different steps and you will have some drawbacks before the changes are established and the value is gained.

We at Barium can deliver something close to a shortcut (red line).


Do you want to know how? Please get in contact!

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