“How long is a rope?”

That question my family and me had a couple of years ago during a quiz. The quiz was multiple-choices until the last question, the tiebraker, and that one was the question above.

We discussed it quite some time and ended up with the answer “It depends”, it depends on what it should be used to. Hopefully you have a rope that matches your needs.

If we transform this in to the life of companies and organizations we can ask the question, “Where does your business models and processes starts and ends?”

Most companies focus close to a 100% just on their internal way of working when designing their models and processes and do not include the echo system, customers, vendors, partners etc., when developing or/and improving their processes and systems. During the last months I have raised the “external” starting and ending points outside the organization with clients and the reaction have been “Is that possible?” Well of course it is – We at Barium are eager to discuss how!

Next time you ask yourself “How long is a rope (read process)?” the answer will be “It depends – But most likely munch longer than you think”.

2 thoughts on ““How long is a rope?”

  1. This is actually a trick question that can be found on some IQ tests . The answer to this question can be expressed in an algebraic equation . The answer is – a rope is twice as long as half its length .

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