To consolidate or not to consolidate…

There might be a number of good reasons to consolidate the number of systems or number of software vendors that an organization have. However in most cases this is often initiated by IT, not too seldom due to costs, and not driven from the business side of a company.

How many of you have read an article or listen to an interview where the program owner of a consolidation program has declared the benefits with:

  • Cost savings
  • Gained agility
  • New functionality
  • Better end user experience

done in a fast timely manner within budget. Well being around this industry for a while I would answer: Not that often! Consolidation seems to be a long and very expensive journey to get to a point before additional business value is gained.

So next time you ask yourself  “To consolidate or not to consolidate…” get in contact with us at Barium because there might be new ways of supporting your business before you even have started your (long) consolidation journey!

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