“At Christmas time, you have time to have the time”

I hope that everyone has the opportunity to have a Christmas in line with the qoute (free translation) from the Norwegian author Aste Lie Isaachsen, 1861-1921.

One who doesn’t have the time to have time is Santa Claus. One could imagine that he has a lot of work to do this time of the year. One could say “Well it is once a year so it can’t be that hard”. Sometimes we underestimate the complexity with low frequent work or processes.

Just because a thing doesn’t happen that often it don’t mean that it will be easy to perform them. It could actually be the other way around; low frequency, harder to remember what to do and bigger risk for errors. Santa for sure knows what to do, but others out there need to have a strong support for their low frequent process. Get in contact if you are one of them.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

PS. All CXO:s who has an upcoming New Year’s Resolution or a wish for 2014 to be able to do more with less – Give us a call since we move Business Cases from slide decks to real outcomes. DS

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