It’s not the big ones that are driving innovation today

Last Friday, we were one of four companies invited to BIPB Technology Summit. One insight from the event is that it’s not the big companies that drive what we in the future will see as innovative solutions. The same week, statistics for number of patents 2013 was released and it’s the normal suspects in top. However, we don’t see them on the innovation radar. When the big ones are presenting innovative things it is usually because they bought an innovative company like the ones attended this event. Innovative companies that dare to challenge the way of normality.

One of the four companies invited to the summit has a solution that makes the other established vendors look like they have solutions from the 90’s. In the age of empowering the client, that is exactly what the innovators do. Innovators like us, always strives to empower the clients to actually dare not only to think outside the box, but also act outside the box.

The naughty boys in class are more interesting for future innovation then the old guys that try to act as the teachers.

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