Barium Live! updated to 2014.1

This year has barely begun and we have already updated Barium Live! with brand new and improved features in the 2014.1 release.

This time we bring some brand new social features aimed at increasing and simplifying communication and collaboration for those performing tasks in process apps. Barium Live! has also received updates to increase stability and scalability to handle the ever growing usage of  the service. We have also replaced our Wiki with a brand new Help Center.

As usual, the Release Notes (linked below) give a detailed description of the content of the 2014.1 release. Below are the highlights.

Instance Comments

Instance Comments is a brand new feature that can be activated for participants in a process application and allows them to have a threaded discussion in it.

Discussion in a process instance

A comment can be posted to the instance, on a specific form or even on a file in the content folder. Other participants can read and reply to the comment and have a discussion. It is possible to mention people using the @-sign and writing the persons name in the comment text. New comments, replies and mentions are indicated in the interface, lists and notified via email.

We also added an exciting feature allowing you to mention a process role. Very useful if you want a specific person to read the comment but are unsure of who it is. Or perhaps the process role is yet to be set. In that case the comment will show up for the person as soon as (s)he receives a task.

Mention People and Roles

Comments can greatly improve the way people collaborate. Instead of asking questions and having discussions in long, non-transparent email conversations on the side, the conversation can be held in the same place where work is being carried out, the process.

The new Barium Live! Help Center

Our good old Wiki has also been retired and replaced by our brand new and improved Barium Live! Help Center that will greatly improve our ability to support all our users. This is of course the first version of our new help center and we will continue to improve it. All articles have been transferred and new articles will be added continuously.

Barium Live! Help Center

Additional Improvements

  • Local time is finally supported throughout the Barium Live! interface, showing time in the users local time instead of CET. However, time is presented in UTC in the API and when exporting lists to Excel.
  • It’s now possible to delete multiple instances at one time instead of having to tediously click on one instance followed by the delete button every time.
  • Sending email from a process app has been improved allowing you to configure processes to send a message to everyone who participated in an instance or to semi-colon separated list of email addresses.

As usual we have squashed bugs and fixed anomalies.

For the full detailed description of everything that is included in 2014.1, read all about it in the Release Notes.

Drop any comments in this blog post or why not give us some feedback in the brand new Barium Live! Help Center?

All the best!
Jonathan Franze

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