Enter sandman*

“- I would like to sleep at night”, a statement said in a meeting a couple weeks ago.

Who wouldn’t like to sleep at night, knowing that your business is doing exactly the right things, in the right order, at right time enforcing the right processes to be executed and followed?

This is exactly what we do for our 100+ clients today, we actually make sure that your business complies with the processes you defined that you should implement and follow. We make sure that you also can see who made what decision based on what information at anytime and for as long as you like to.

So do you think this will help you sleep better? Perhaps, but some of you have also problems sleeping because you know that this will take time and cost a smaller fortune.

We take care of this for you both day and night, we have a model for delivery that make you be able to actually see value from the process application in less than 3 months from the day you decided to start the project. The most of our clients gets Time To Value within months, and the Return of Investments are quarters not years.

So we know that using Barium Live! for your business processes will make YOU sleep better at night.

*“Enter sandman” – Song by Metallica on the Metallica album (1991)

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