“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”

The statement above was made by the American poet Maya Angelou (1928- ).

In the article, Digitaliseringen leder till förändrade krav på leverantörer (Digitalization leads to changing demands on suppliers), in the Swedish paper IDG (2014-03-20) the writer is referring to a Gartner report that states that 70% of CIOs will change their IT and sourcing relations in the next coming 2-3 years.

Furthermore the Gartner Report says that suppliers must change their way of doing things, and help their clients do the same. Tomorrow’s service will be based on scalability and industrialized distribution models and services that are used to drive very specific business goals.

Hybrid IT environments will dominate the architecture in the coming years and therefore it becomes more important to have knowledge of both traditional solutions and models, and of new ones.

Buyers want speed and flexibility and cloud delivery will become the dominant method for this.

We at Barium are:

  • New in our way of thinking
  • We are cloud, we were born there
  • We have speed and we are flexible – Agile in another word

We are the vendor of tomorrow (and today as well)

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