Use Barium Live to create your cloud-based management system

Management systems are often an important component for organizations in their effort to maintain efficient processes and to lead, manage and improve the business. Those management systems often contain a large amount of documents and process models that over time must be maintained, changed and distributed throughout the organization.

For those responsible for the maintenance of these management systems, the task is not always easy. It is about having control of all information, often in several versions, to find effective ways to distribute the information and ensure that changes to the information reach everyone affected.

Historically (maybe still in some organizations?) more or less sophisticated binder system were used for the task, but during the last 10-15 years many organizations have invested in various types of IT solutions to replace the binder systems. Most often, these IT solutions are built on different kinds of locally installed software that are isolated from other applications within the organization.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 17.01.07

At Barium, we have a long experience in delivering IT solutions for management systems and in Barium Live we have put all the experience and knowledge that we have gathered in the field throughout the years. Among other things, our passion around process driven applications is sprung from the fact that we saw that our customers, who worked with traditional management systems, needed something more.

We saw that they invested a lot of time and effort in mapping and documenting their processes but often had challenges getting the effects they wanted in terms of increased productivity, shortened lead times, process compliance and improved process outcome. What they needed was a way to create solutions (of course based on their processes) that not only described how to conduct the work, but also efficiently supported the people within the organization to get the daily work done, in accordance to the decided ways of working. In this case, process driven apps easily outperform clickable process maps with linked information.

However, even if we at Barium are passionate about process driven apps and know that it is the most effective way to get real business value from your process development work, traditional process based management systems still play an important role in most organizations. That is why we have ensured that Barium Live also is the cornerstone you need when building a management system in the year 2014.

Barium Live is easy to use and will provide you with the tools necessary to rapidly create a management system and to get control over the information within it. It makes the distribution out to the organization a breeze since it does not require any installed software and it can be used on any device in any location. It also allows you to use your existing document management systems and intranet portals if preferred, regardless if those systems are locally installed or if you use different cloud services.

So, if you are in the starting blocks to create your very first or freshen up your existing management system – give us a call and let us explain how we can help you. Or hey, just sign up on Barium Live and get down to work!

Happy Mapping,
Christian Andreasson

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