Barium Live upgraded to 2015.2



Barium Live has received its second upgrade for this year.

2015.2 contains some of the most exciting new features for the BPMN 2.0 modeling tool so far. The collaborative modelling session feature that allows several people to model the same model at the same time.

Real-time Collaborative Modelling
The collaborative Modeling Session in the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 has been enhanced to really work for you. You can now invite anyone to model together. When they join the session they can see the process being created in real-time and give feedback to the modeler in the chat window.

004 - Request ControlIt’s also possible to “pass over the control” to those that are part of the session allowing someone else to continue modeling while you sit back and watch.

No more sending e-mails with process links or attached process model images to your co-workers. Work together on the same process at the same time directly in your web browser.

Revert to an earlier process version
An added feature now makes it easier to copy, change and update a process model to an earlier version of the process. Useful for creating new versions that should be based on earlier versions without having to remodel everything from the beginning.

Improved support for adding documents to process models
Adding documents to process models that contain instructions, routines and other information has now been expanded to the Block Symbol. This allows you to get creative with your process models and how you make important information available.

This and more is what version 2015.2 contains. For all details see the 2015.2 Change Log in the Barium Live Help Center.

Jonathan Franze
Product Manager – Barium Live

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