Do you see the forest for the trees?

In our daily work we tend to focus a lot on the tasks we need to sort out in short term. Many of us are struggling just to keep our head above the surface, and during those circumstances it is quite hard to think about improvements and future needs.

I am currently involved in a project were the organisation is working around the clock buried into all ”must do” activities. A lot of the work is spent on checking out that the information received is correct and after that the person starts to do whatever is supposed to be done. The confidence and trust in the way of working is so low that those check points are scattered all over the way of working creating a huge amount non value additional work. Work would be unnecessary with a well working quality secured process.

We have had several moments of insight when we have modelled this current situation with comments like: “Why do we work like this”? “I didn’t know why and when you needed that information until now” and so on.

Well they are not alone. We see examples like this nearly on a daily basis and they have one thing in common:

You can’t see the processes for the activities!

Well, with Barium Live you will have the possibility to see the processes, and not just only that. You will also be able to work with continuously improvements that are implemented fast and easy – You will get your things done

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