Barium Live 2015.3 is here!


Barium Live has received its third upgrade this year in version 2015.3 It is packed with new and improved features that bring more capabilities and possibilities to existing and new customers.

This upgrade has a great deal of focus on improvements to self service capabilities and additional configuration to help customers do more. We have also added some neat improvements to the navigation and made it possible to choose how different users should experience Barium Live when they do their work. Here are some highlights:

Custom Space Experience

The ability to customize Barium Live with logos, colours and other configuration has been a key feature for a long time. We have now improved those capabilities, allowing you to set different settings for different users to ensure that everyone sees exactly the right things.

space experience

We have also added more configuration settings that can be used to decide how a task should be shown for a role. Again, to ensure that only the necessary information is visible.

Improved user management and administration

As an administrator we have now made it easier to add new users to Barium Live by using the new add user manually feature. Sharing the load of administering users and configurations is now also easier with the possibility of adding contract administrators so that more people can help maintain the Barium Live users and content.

Add user manually

Improved navigation

We have made some great improvements to the navigation menu to make it clearer and easier. Much of the customer feedback that we have received lately have been implemented and navigating on Barium Live now feels a lot better.

new navigation

More BPMN 2.0 features

Signal Event is one of the features and improvements that we have added to the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 and now allows you to send signals in process applications to synchronize the process flows.



For the full details of the content of this upgrade, see the 2015.3 Change log.

Jonathan Franze
Product Manager – Barium Live


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