Unlock your smartness!

“Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked”

Steve Wozniak (1950-), no presentation needed, is the man behind this quote.

The world is changing fast and companies need to be smart to keep up with the pace of changes. Smart, in this context, is the ability to implement changes when they occur and do it fast so that you benefit from them and create opportunities and competitive advantages. In this fast moving world these opportunities will be available for just a short period of time. Therefore, speed is of the essence.


Today’s companies and organisations are stuck with their legacy in one or several ways. Rigid systems, no matter if they are old or new, lock companies in their way of working even when they want to change.

Lack of right information, at the right time and in the right format, might also lock the employees in old, well known behaviours. Without this information, there are no guidelines to help them change.

We at Barium have seen, countless times, that new processes, defined and agreed upon, are not implemented but are instead collecting dust on a digital or physical shelf.

Unlock the doors to your systems, your information and your processes – empower your employees and get smarter.

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