“Form over substance”?


I have tried to find out who is behind this quote, but without success. However, this saying is more relevant then ever.

Last week we were invited to speak at a seminar held by our partner Infodesign. They have been working with forms and structured information in standardized and advanced ways for a long time and explained in depth why forms are of great importance and not just when it comes to content but also to design.

In todays life, both from a business perspective as well as in our private life, we interact with organizations like governments, schools, insurance companies, banks and e-stores in many ways, and one more and more common way is the digital one, often by using forms. Of course the form needs to be relevant, but the design may be that single factor that makes a potential client to continue to enter all information required or to do the transaction or to stay digital without having to call or interact in another, not that cost efficient, way. This digital communication will increase event more further in the future when the digital rased generations are being consumers as well as decisions makers.

So form does matter and forms are great, and with the support of a smart efficient process to spread and share the information across the organization the form will really do itself justice!

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