Barium Raise to a challenge via Internet Of Things


“Connected” – A term commonly used in todays IT landscape.

Connection can be all about taking advantage of information and signals created at one place, do something new with it in a second place and use the redefined information as a signal or an input to a third system/process/”thing”.

We at Barium not only create digital process driven business applications, we sometimes connect our processes with different “things”.

In the upcoming event Gartner Symposium/ITxpo we will show this in reality. This year’s theme for the event is Rise to the challenge. We at Barium not only Rise but also Raise to the challenge.

We have experimented in creating a connection between a physical button, called a flic, and a Barium Live process application. Start a new instance, take photos, communicate with social media and at the same time raise money for Save the children, by just pressing buttons!

Visit us at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, try it out and help us #RaiseToTheChallenge!