4 key findings from Gartner Symposium/ITxpo


Last week Barium visited the yearly Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona. An event for CIO’s and senior people within IT. During these 5 days a huge number of seminars, round tables and discussions took place together with an expo where over 130 different IT vendors were represented, and one of them was Barium.

Here is a brief summary of our version of the main topics for this years event.

1. Digital:  A main area today and a main area tomorrow, and probably still a main area a few years from now. Companies have reached the point were the digital impact of their service or product agenda is included from the start and the digitalisation is soon included in all kinds of businesses.

2. Mode 2 in Bimodal: When the concept bimodal was introduced, about 18 months ago, it pointed out the need of creating two different capabilities within IT.
Mode 1 – the marathon runner – primarily focusing on stability and cost of transaction, often connected with long implementations project. This mode has been known for IT departments for decades.
Mode 2 – the sprinter – focuses on agility, fast ROI, good enough solutions and end users. Gartner pointed out that in general companies needs to improve their capabilities in the Mode 2 space and that it is in this area the short term competitive advantages will be created.

3. Business Algorithms: This phrase was heard frequently during the conference. By taking advantage of Big Data, Internet of Things etc. Gartner foresee a future where syntaxes and algorithms in a high degree will be used to interpret data, do predictions and automate actions. Gartner thinks that algorithms will have a major impact on companies competitive strengths.

4. System Consolidation: For several years IT has intensely been focusing on consolidate the number of technologies, platforms and applications. Now this is history, according to Gartner and in the future the number of applications will increase rather dramatically. This is of course a direct consequence of the bimodal approach, different applications will fill completely different purposes and needs. Gartner made it clear that IT needs to stop working against this and start to find the best ways, technologies and governance structures to really embrace this journey.


How do Barium Live fit into this?

Digital: We take business processes and turn them into digital applications that can interact with everything from Internet of Things, social software as well as old legacy systems. Digitalisation is our core!

Mode 2 in Bimodal: Barium Live is designed to create cost efficient business applications without coding. Applications can easily and quickly be created and edited by business people.

Business Algorithms: Barium Live is not a calculation engine, however once the business algorithm is formulated a Barium Live integration could be the solution to execute what ever needs to be done based on the algorithm.

System Consolidation: Barium Live is a platform where you can create applications for a lot of different areas. So even if the number of applications would be numerous, it will still be made on the same platform.

What are your future spotting in the IT section?


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