2016 – The year to get things done


A year is now history. It is to late to do whatever was planned to be done, at least during 2015.

Will the world be different just because it is a new year? Will we suddenly start to do things in new ways just because it is 2016 instead of 2015? Is this the year when you get things done?

A new beginning will at least encourage us to summarise what we have done during the year, set new goals and focus our forces to decide whatever we should do for this new year. So with that in mind I just want to share some of Barium highlights from 2015.

  • During 2015 Barium, besides strengthen our presence on our existing clients, we started to work with over 30 new companies. (That gives us at least 30 companies that has started to get their things done in new ways!)
  • We got more international by adding our first client in Romania along with some new customers in UK as well as the Netherlands.
  • We released a number of new versions of Barium Live with new interesting and useful improvements and features.
  • We arranged the second edition of Business Live, this time at Musikaliska in Stockholm with more than 250 people present.
  • And last but not least we also had a lot of fun.

And now?
In 2016 we will try to do more of everything, and most important is to make our clients gain more benefits by getting their things done with the help of Barium Live.

This years Business Live will be held on Nalen (www.businesslive.nu) in Stockholm April 12, a good opportunity to get some understanding about business processes and inspiration what other companies are doing. Register today!

2016 is maybe the year to get things done more then ever before.

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