2016.1 – First upgrade of the year

Barium Live has received its first upgrade of the year in version 2016.1, an upgrade that introduces a couple of brand new features for automating tasks in process applications and Single Sign-on capabilities.

Script Tasks
For the first time it is possible to use Script Tasks in process applications. Script Tasks can be used to automate certain steps in the process using Script Components that are available to drag-and-drop onto Script Tasks. The first script component is now available and can be configured to automatically set information in fields in a form in several ways.

A great addition to creating smart applications that reduce and remove manual waste.


Support for SAML 2.0 corporate authentication
Authentication, Single Sign-on and automatic user synchronization are important features for customers who wish to automate user management, simplify end user experience and secure access to information on Barium Live. We can now offer customers the possibility to integrate Identity Providers (IDPs) that support the authentication standard SAML 2.0.

The Barium Live SAML 2.0 integration offers many configuration options that can simplify use of Barium Live for end users and administrators.

Corporate Login

Move form to folder
This new setting allows you to configure an applications forms so that they are placed in a specific folder for an instance in run-time. It can be used for new forms or to move forms mid-process and makes it possible to create and organize a folder structure that is the same for each instance. A useful configuration for applications that tend to have a lot of forms, files and data where a structure is perhaps useful or even necessary.

Move Form to Folder

The complete details of the content of the upgrade can be read in the 2016.1 Change Log found in the Barium Live Help Center. Any questions regarding the upgrade are welcome, post them here or contact us directly.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

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