Expanded functionality in Barium Live 2016.8

The 2016.8 upgrade delivers expanded functionality and ease of use adaptations.

New features include the ability to use a different display name and Data ID for forms in your process model allowing you to name your forms as you wish using special signs and spaces without this impacting your ability to reference the forms Data ID.


When first creating your form template, name it in any format you like, this will be your Display Name. Once you’ve added it to the canvas and double clicked it, the system will have created a Data ID automatically based on the Display Name in the appropriate format.

An additional script component has also been added allowing you to assign a single user to a role based on the value of a form field.

The Assign user from form field script component allows you to select a role in the process and assign a user to that role based on the value of a form field containing the email address of a Barium Live user account.

Last of our new features is a form rules setting with the ability to hide and clear a form field.


In the form designer when adding a rule, it’s now possible not only to hide but also to clear a form field which can be useful for more advanced form scripting which might otherwise interfere based on values in hidden forms.

Further improvements in the 2016.8 upgrade help users set up the out of office functionality more easily as well as provide more information in exported user lists.

Go to the Barium Live Help Center and the 2016.8 – Change log for full details about this upgrade.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

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