Barium Live 2017.1 launches improved process to process communication tools.

2017.1 provides new functionality for sending multiple process messages as well as support for several different start events in call activities.


With the new Multi Instance Send Task you can send multiple process messages based on the number of values selected in a multi select field. For example, launching a global campaign to a number of countries selected from a value list in the Create Campaign Information start event shown above can be configured to start that many instances of the Perform Campaign process, each named according to the selected countries.


The Select Start Event in Call Activity improvement allows users to have several different start events in call activities and chose which one to trigger for each incoming sequence flow, simply by double clicking the sequence flow and choosing start event from a list of all available in that call activity. This gives your processes a greater re-usability as you can have several different start events triggered by different sequence flows as well as a manual start event not mapped to any sequence flow.

Go to the Barium Live Help Center and the 2017.1 – Change log for full details about this upgrade.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze

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