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Marketing Manager, Barium, Sweden

Barium Live! Client Story: Barium Simplifies Housing Operation’s Administration

Simpler, smoother payment administration and a quality-assured, standardized process in which all types of rent transactions are consistently managed. This happened after Barium quickly implemented a joint process for managing rental transactions for Willhem, a Swedish housing company. In addition, an external debt collection agency’s process is integrated into Willhem’s system.

“We’re delighted with Barium,” says Julia Engdahl, rental manager at Willhem. “Its staff understood exactly what we needed and provided excellent service. Implementation went quickly and smoothly — in just one day we had the process in place.”

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In Swedish: Barium förenklar hyresadministrationen för bostadsbolaget Willhem »

Barium Live! Client: Willhem - Julia Engdahl

Barium Live! Client Story: Barium Helps Alingsås Manage Investments

Barium has developed a solution that enables the Alingsås municipality to get better control over its investments. The municipality needed (i) guidelines on how to run investment projects and (ii) IT support to better manage investment processes. Besides increased control of investments, the Barium Live! solution provides additional amenities such as local government services for community members.

“This user-friendly solution facilitates process development and makes process compliance mandatory. In addition, we can easily and conveniently insert documentation such as calculations, tracking documents, and drawings,” says Martin Wollhag at the Alingsås public works department and environmental office.

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In Swedish: Barium hjälper Alingsås kommun till bättre investeringar »

Barium Live! Client: Alingsås kommun - Martin Wollhag

Barium Live! Client Story: New Web Service Saves Time for Property Owners

Fastighetsägarna Sverige (the Swedish Property Federation) has launched a web service with more than 100 web-based forms, templates, standard contracts, and other documents related to rental apartments, condominiums, facilities, and industrial properties. The service, which is based on Barium Live!, went into operation on 1 January 2012 and now has thousands of users.

“Our members get a better overview and control and save enormous amounts of time. This web service streamlines their processes. Plus it’s much easier to use and more secure,” says Sophie Roy-Norelid, Fastighetsägarna Sverige.

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Barium Live! Client: Fastighetsägarna - Sophie Roy-Norelid

Video: Barium Live! Cloud BPMS

For a couple of weeks, starting today, a 30 second introduction video to Barium Live! will be on display in the three major cities of Sweden. At the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport Shuttle Train as well as on the airports of Göteborg-Landvetter and Malmö business travelers, and others, can learn a little bit more about our business-friendly Business Process Management System.

Model – Build – Run – Monitor
On our website, on YouTube and below you can take part of the full-length two minute video. Get an idea of how easy it is to model processes, build and run applications and monitor the flow! For a personal demonstration, please sign up for a webinar or give us a call.

Josefine Aspenstrand
Marketing Manager

Barium Live! Client Story: Norwegian NSB on the Right Track

NSB (the Norwegian railway) contracted the Barium partner Indigo IPEX to outline every process and every type of expertise involved in a scheduled maintenance project. A Barium Live! solution was implemented, and since May it has been running live at NSB.

“The solution has made NSB more transparent and open, and we see strong adherence and quality assurance for each process. We no longer have a headache when scheduling maintenance!” says Kjetil Bragstad, NSB.

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Barium Live! Client: NSB - Kjetil Bragstad

Meet Kjetil Bragstad and his colleagues
Take part of the NSB story live at the seminar arranged by Indigo IPEX in Karlskrona, Sweden on 27 September.

Josefine Aspenstrand
Barium AB

Barium named “Cool Vendor” by leading analyst firm

Barium - Gartner Cool Vendor 2012 within Business Process Management

Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, has chosen Barium as a Cool Vendor within the category Business Process Management 2012. Barium and the four other companies in the report are chosen for our innovative and interesting approach, and the potential to revolutionize our industries. That is great news!

“Being chosen as a “Cool Vendor” for Gartner’s report is proof that we are successful in creating more efficient business processes for our clients,” says Barium’s CEO Michael Johansson.

”We are very happy about being awarded this title, especially since we are one of few Scandinavian companies that has ever been chosen as a “Cool Vendor”. With Barium Live! we truly do offer a revolutionizing product that helps companies change their businesses using innovative cloud solutions, which will change how Business Process Management is handled in the future.”

Gartner doesn’t give out their reports for free, but here they have gathered some information about the their Cool Vendor research. Make sure to watch the interview with Gartner VP Michele Cantara! It is also available on YouTube, so I include it here for you:

Josefine Aspenstrand
Marketing Manager

Everything else is history

Barium’s spring 2012 marketing campaign is named Everything else is history, and communicates the advantage of creating your own process applications – and doing so in the cloud.

Barium Live! Business Process Management - the New WayThe following ads are in Swedish, but you can see the English translation below. And look out, the ads might show up in your country as well!

Barium Live! - Build applications without expensive IT consultantsBUILD APPLICATIONS WITHOUT EXPENSIVE IT CONSULTANTS.
At Barium, we have a new way of working with Business Process Management. Instead of lengthy projects, involving hoards of software developers, you can create your own process maps and convert them into runnable applications with only a few clicks of a button. Interested? Find out more on http://www.bariumlive.com and contact us for a free demonstration.

Barium Live! - Your company's processes as a cloud service YOUR COMPANY’S PROCESSES AS A CLOUD SERVICE.
At Barium, we have a new way of working with Business Process Management. Instead of focusing on projects related to IT infrastructure, you can have your applications delivered as a cloud service. There’s always a high level of security and accessibility, as well as the latest software updates. In addition, you can create your own applications with only a few clicks of a button and you only pay per user per month. Interested? Find out more on http://www.bariumlive.com and contact us for a free demonstration.

Barium Live! - Pay from €22.50 per user per year

At Barium, we have a new way of working with Business Process Management. Instead of massive project invoices, you only pay from €22.50 per user per month. How is this possible? Thanks to our flexible work tool and practices, you can go from a process map to a runnable application, in a cloud service, with only a few clicks of a button. Without having to involve software developers. Interested? Find out more on http://www.bariumlive.com and contact us for a free demonstration.

What do you think of the message? I’m looking forward to reading your comments!

Business Process Management – the New Way!
Josefine Aspenstrand
Marketing Manager

Happy New (Process) Year

Happy New Year, and many thanks to all our clients, partners and employees for a fantastic 2011!

Happened at Barium during 2011

  • The Map to App concept is gaining ground, and the number of users on Barium Live! is steadily growing – and Barium as a company has grown by 50 percent for the second year in a row.
  • The app Barium Business Navigator makes processes and applications available in every iPhone.
  • Barium SharePoint Client adds processes to the widely used portal Microsoft SharePoint.
  • The welcome of 23 new process-oriented employees.
  • The move to a larger office, better equipped for inspirational meetings.

Now we are looking forward to another exciting year together!

From Map to App

Barium’s autumn 2011 marketing campaign is named From Map to App, and communicates how easy it is to convert process maps to executable process applications.


Magazine ad

Barium: From Map To App (magazine ad)Exhibition materialBarium: From Map To App (roll-up)Seminars
The seven BPM seminars from last spring were a huge success. This autumn we are keeping the three venues from last time, as well as adding three new ones. The seminars are still held only within Sweden, but a future expansion is possible – and we have great partners in Benelux and UK/Ireland that have similar events!

Thursday September 29, 3-6 PM: GÖTEBORG, Sweden
Thursday October 6, 3-6 PM: STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Thursday October 20, 3-6 PM: LINKÖPING, Sweden
Thursday October 27, 3-6 PM: JÖNKÖPING, Sweden
Thursday November 10, 3-6 PM: MALMÖ, Sweden
Thursday November 17, 3-6 PM: KARLSTAD, Sweden
Thursday November 24, 3-6 PM: STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Thursday December 1, 3-6 PM: GÖTEBORG, Sweden

Our Swedish followers can read more about the seminars here.

Welcome to the seminars!
Josefine Aspenstrand
Marketing Manager

Curious George and Barium

Apart from a process company, barium is the chemical element no 56 in the periodic table. And just like the elements are parts of something bigger, the Barium Company offers a tool to be a part of your organisation and help you make it even greater.

Not everyone knows what the substance barium is used for, but within some areas of business they are very familiar with it. Health care is one example. The other day one of our clients within the health care sector brought us a page from the book Curious George Goes to the Hospital. It showed George drinking barium! He needs an X-ray, and it turns out that he has eaten a piece from a puzzle … just because it looked so tasty.

Curious George drinking bariumPicture from Curious George Goes to the Hospital
(1966) by Margret & H. A. Rey.

Curious George was open and inquisitive enough to try Barium to make him better – are you?

Be curious!
Josefine Aspenstrand
Marketing Manager

NOTE: In Sweden we pronounce barium with an A like in the word car, pronounced (bɑːriːθm). In English the element is called bair-ee-əm, pronounced (bɛəriəm), but since Barium is our name we use the Swedish pronunciation when we go abroad.